Common Essay Questions

Getting Answers to Common Essay Questions Can Help You Write Better

Writing essays is a common task given to students of all ages. While the essays we write in high school are fairly simple, they become rather complex and demanding as we proceed to higher studies at Bachelors or Masters level programs. An essay is written most often from the author’s point of view and it is a piece of non fiction. It is important to be conversant with writing essays as this will influence your whole academic and career progress. By getting clear answers for some of the most common essay questions, the process of essay writing can become an easier task.

There are many types of essays. Personal essays, analytical essays, argumentative essays etc, are just to name a few. All essays must include a thesis statement, which tells the reader in a sentence what the essay is about. This is written in the introduction part of the essay. Every essay will have a body and an essay conclusion as well. Writing essays will enable the students to improve a host of skills such as researching, analytical, writing and reasoning so that they gear up to undertake more demanding writing assignments such as writing of literature reviews, dissertations and formal reports.

Below are the most common essays questions students are faced with when it comes to writing an essay.

What is the length of my essay?
There is no specific number of words you will have to include in an essay. Your essay length will be set by the tutors. If it is not written in your coursework info it is recommended that you clarify this with the tutor before you begin the writing process.

What is the format for my essay?
Here once again, your tutor will be able to advice you on which essay format you should use. There are commonly four formats to write an essay. These are Harvard, Chicago, APA (American Psychological Association), and MLA (Modern Language Association). By going online you can educate yourself of what each style prescribes. There will also be handbooks and style guides on each of these writing styles.

From where do I obtain appropriate research material?
With the advent and widespread use of the internet, much information is assessable via the internet. There are many sources to gather information online, but beware that some information you find online could be incorrect. Make use of academic search engines and data bases such as Emerald, Lexus and Blackwell Synergy to gather reliable and respected research material of published scholars. These data bases provide instant access to a vast amount of academic journal articles. You can even read text books online from Amazon. But this does not mean you have to do away with the traditional mode of researching. Spending ample time in the library will assure you of appropriate research material from all the published scholars on the subject.

How do I come up with a good topic?
Your essay topics will depend on what type of essay you are required to write. Here again, your tutor could have assigned you a topic. If this is not the case, then select a one that you like to write about and will be of interest to your target audience. Depending on the length of the essay, make the topic narrow or wide. Availability of authentic and valid evidence to support your essay topic is another requirement to consider in decision on a topic. .

How do I write my essay?
Once you have come up with enough information for your essay, and a suitable topic, then you must plan your essay properly. This includes drawing up an essay outline. An outline coordinates your thoughts and ideas as well as structures your writing. There will be a smoother flow to your work when you have moved your sub headings and sections around and after many rounds of considerations before finalizing the structure. Then only you should move on to writing the first draft of the essay.

By answering the above common essay questions, we hope that you would become more conversant at the task of essay writing.