Choosing a Catchy Essay Title Will Gain Your Reader’s Attention

A Good Essay Will Not Be Complete Without an Attention Grabbing Essay Title

When writing any form of publication, titles are the first item to be written. The title gives an idea to the reader of what the story or article is about. An essay title is the name of an article which the writer has given to his work. Therefore, it is important to choose wisely and carefully when writing any type of article.

 Grab the Reader’s Attention
Choosing a title which will catch the reader’s attention is essential. No matter how long the title is or how profound the words are, if it can not gain the reader’s attention, then it is not effective. Identify the main key words which represent the concept of your essay and use them strategically within your title.

 Few Extra Tips
If you haven’t thought of a title before writing your essay, it is recommended that you write everything and then scan it. This will help you to eventually come up with a good title idea. The essay introduction should link well to the title so that reader moves in to the essay smoothly without any abrupt introductions. When you are writing short essays use of clear and compact title is the most recommended. If it is not possible for you to instill the main idea of your essay into the title, using sub-titles might help to support the main title.

 Innovative Titles
Using a single word for the title is another method, if it represents the main ideas in your essay. If you are writing about a specific person or a place, you can use the name as your title or you can write it as a question. Essays such as Personal essays, narrative essays or argumentative essays can have this type of innovative titles. This usually gets the attention of the reader.

 Tailor it to the Audience
Identifying the target audience of your essay will help you when you are choosing the title. Knowing your reader well will help you to come up with a title that attracts them. Also, tailor it to the knowledge and caliber of the audience. If the readers are not experts or professionals in a particular field, then using jargon words or scientific words will only confuse and turn off your prospective laymen readers. If you are submitting your coursework, then match your title mainly to your tutor’s style. What’s important is that the reader should be able to understand your title. Avoid using profanity and offensive titles as you want people to like your work and not to be offended by it. Otherwise they will stop reading it before they even begin!

You can refer to online sample essays of to see how different types of essays such as health essays, dissertations, research papers etc. have differently written essay titles.