An Overview of A Level Coursework

Success in A Level Coursework is critical for Academic Progress

Once the British students reach the final two years of their high school, they are expected to acquire the Advance Level General Certificate of Education qualification. This is the general requirement for British students to enter college and universities. In order to acquire the qualification, a series of examinations and A Level Coursework has to be completed successfully by the students. This is similar to the Advance Placement coursework in USA.

 Subject Choices
Passing a minimum of 3 A Level subjects is required for university entrance but students may opt to take up to 6-7 courses if they can cope with the work load. The subjects offered is diverse and students can choose their A level subjects in line with future study intentions. For example, a student who wishes to pursue an electrical engineering degree will most likely choose math, physics and chemistry. Depending on the subject, the way the coursework is approached will differ. For example, what is expected in History coursework will be different from what is expected in math or geography coursework?

 Coursework Requirements
To score well in your A Level coursework, you need to understand the requirements of the assignments well. Majority of the subjects will have written assignments. Even those with project work will need project reports to be submitted. You must familiarize yourself with the various formats as reports, reviews, case analysis papers, literature reviews, proposals and business plans so that the coursework you submit can impress the examiners. If you are doing you are doing your A Level examinations, then you would have passed your GCSE exams and completed a fair number of GCSE coursework. You must apply some of the experience you gained through writing those assignments for GCSE studies in to you’re a Level studies as well.

At this level, presentation and formatting matters and you will be either rewarded or penalized on this depending on how your work measures up to the expectations in these two areas. The essays and other work should be formatted properly and free of grammar and spelling mistakes. Proper use of graphics in your paper along with examples and other well referenced evidence can further enhance your paper.

Students are expected to demonstrate a wide array of skills through their coursework. They must display their knowledge of the subject as well as skills such as analysis, conceptualization, synthesis, expression and writing. When you coursework combines all these aspects, the examiner is bound to mark your work favorably. Proficiency in completing these coursework will lay the foundation for you to handle more complex work in college such as law assignments, sociology dissertations or marketing dissertations, which ever is your chosen study field.

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