An Enjoyable Piece of Writing: Your Dissertation Acknowledgement

How Meaningful Should Your Dissertation Acknowledgement Be?

A dissertation acknowledgement is written in gratitude to the people who aided you in writing your dissertation. In some cases, you may have had lot of support from a host of people including your supervisor, other professors, friends, colleagues and family. On the other hand, you could have had no help at all when writing. But adding an acknowledgement of help in to your dissertation is a long stranding tradition in the academic world and you need to know how well to phrase it to make it meaningful.

Points to Note:

Like in essay writing, this document also has certain guide lines that need to be followed when writing. This is usually placed after the cover page of your paper. All those who helped and supported you when writing, are to be acknowledged in this paper.

While writing, it is important to note that although you thank everyone, it is not a friendly note. It has to be written using formal English. You might wish to include phrases such as, “I wish to thank” and “this dissertation is dedicated to…”

Few Sample Lines:

For sample lines that comes in this type of an acknowledgement includes “my thanks and appreciation go to Mr.……, for helping me with my work with patience throughout the time it took me to complete my research and write the dissertation. I wish to thank the University in inspiring me to do my research. The program was a formative and important experience for me…”

What to Write:

Writing a dissertation acknowledgement can be an enjoyable experience, as it is a personal piece of writing. There is no need for you to go to a library and research as to who you should acknowledge. Everything you write will come from your mind or rather from your heart. And since you are at the end of a strenuous and challenging piece of coursework, you will be feeling relaxed.

Try and be truthful and creative. Don’t be afraid to say “thank you” to those who really deserve it. Sometimes you may choose to explain in brief why you choose to thank a person by saying for example “for guiding me in the correct direction when I was lost in choosing a proper study topic”. In another case you may just retain that information to yourself and choose just to say “thank you for your valuable support”.

Who to Thank:

It is up to you as to whom you wish to acknowledge. It is usually the etiquette to thank first those who are related to the project professionally such as the tutors, supervisors and university staff while leaving the family and friends to the last even though they may have taken up a big burden of your dissertation study!

This is your chance to look back at your work, months of studying and researching and remember all the people who stood by your side. So, make the most out of this opportunity and mention everyone that helped in big and small ways towards the success of your dissertation.

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