An Effective Business Essay Combines Theory and Practical Analysis

Business Essays Requires Application of Theoretical Knowledge to Real Life Business Situations

Writing a good business essay involves planning, comprehensive research, analysis, clear and concise writing and editing and proofreading. When writing any type of essay especially for your coursework, it is natural for a student to feel anxious of how to improve its quality. Follow these guidelines for producing a quality business paper and the experience will serve you well even in future times when you are employed in a business oriented organization.

 Plan your Essay
Planning is everything. If you were given the topic then you can begin your research on it immediately. Most of the time these essays comes with a case study which you are required to analyze and produce your essay based on the case situation. But if you are to choose your topic, choose a one that interests you. This will make it easy to write the essay and you will enjoy what you are doing if the topic is interesting to you.

Set a time line for your work. Decide on how long you will take with your research, writing and editing. Setting a time line will help you from rushing around the day before the paper is due!

 Researching for Material
Research your work thoroughly. There are many methods of research available to you. Use reference material written by scholars, researchers and noted professionals. When you cite from reliable and well respected sources, the quality and validity of your essay improves. If you are using the internet sources, go for scholarly search engines to locate journal articles and research studies etc.

 Use an Essay Outline
Outlining is a must. Most students start writing the essay feeling motivated by their research but their enthusiasm wanes out as they approach the essay conclusion. Your thoughts and ideas can be organized in to a cohesive flow once you have an outline. Go through your essay outline once you have completed it to check if you have covered all your important facts and whether the appropriate structure emerges out of the outline. .

 Writing Style
Be clear and concise with your writing. Use the appropriate language and terminology. Business papers should be written in third person and words as “I”, “me” and “we” should be avoided. The language and sentence structure is formal and the use of proper formatting is a must. You need to make use of headings and subheadings effectively with numbering and bullet marks for clarity.

 Citing Sources
Any material that is not common knowledge must be cited properly. Giving citations keeps you from being accused of plagiarism. Follow the essay reference guidelines given by your college. Some may ask for MLA referencing while others may choose Harvard style which is the most common for business papers.

 Writing Assistance
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