Abortion Essay: A Controversial but Interesting Topic

There are Many Angles to Consider when Writing an Abortion Essay

With the rate of abortions increasing and the rate of births decreasing, abortion has become a pressing issue in most societies. If asked to write an abortion essay or if you choose it yourself, it will be a challenging job for you as it requires in-depth knowledge on this subject. You have the option to evaluate your topic from medical, societal or moral points of view of combine all these perspectives if your essay is not a short essay.

* Pros & Cons

Abortion is a very sensitive subject. Most countries are still debating whether to legalize it or not. These decisions carry their pros and cons. The fact that it can save the life of a young woman who has no idea how to look after a child or if the family already has too many children and have no way to support another addition can support the choice of abortion. The most profound point to note in your essay is the argument that abortion actually sanctions a murder of a living being, even unborn, as the fetus’s heart is beating from one month onwards. It can also damage the internal functions of a woman and leave her sterile.

* Essay Type

This type of essay is so varied it can be written as an opinion essay, argumentative or cause and effect essay. The topic can be discussed in many ways where you may take the position supporting it or decide to be against it. You can talk about the ethical side of abortion. This gives you a chance to expose your moral or ethical values about a forbidden topic. If this is a coursework, you will mainly be evaluated on your writing skills. But if you are asked to write your views on abortion as a part of your admission process to an educational establishment, chances are that the admission boards will use your arguments to understand your character.

Writing the technical and medical side of an essay of this type will enable you to explain how the actual abortion procedure is done. Extensive research should be done when writing, the essay in this manner as you may need to include medical terms and evidence to support. In such a case, the purpose of your essay will be more similar to a health essay where you objective will be to inform people who are unfamiliar with the medical procedures involved.

Writing about the sociological and psychological effect of abortion will enable you to write a good argumentative essay. You can write the medical point of view and the psychological impact it leaves on the woman who has the abortion. In countries where abortion is illegal most of the abortions are carried out in dire conditions lacking proper sanitary conditions and by people who do not possess proper medical qualifications. These factors contribute to many deaths of young women. When abortion is illegal, some social, financial and psychological conditions even drive the women to do inhumane acts like killing their newborns or abandoning them when they are not even a week old. These factors weigh heavily against legal restrictions on abortion.

* Your Stance

Since it is a controversial topic, choosing and stating at the outset, your position on the matter will help the reader to follow your thought process. When writing your abortion essay, whether you take a moral, technical or psychological perspective, the basis of your argument has to be sound and consistent.

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