A Good Essay Introduction Is Critical for an Effective Essay

By Making Your Essay Introduction Interesting, You Can Grab the Reader’s Attention.

When you think about writing an essay, you tend to wonder how you will begin your essay. Can you begin with a question, a statement, an anecdote or a quote? Every essay has to have an essay introduction. This has to grab the reader’s attention. It has to be structurally sound and well written. The main feature is to let the reader know that you can write well and to let him know your opinion and perspective on the matter being addressed by the essay.

The basic functions of the introduction are as follows:

• To make the reader sit up and take notice. A well written introduction should not bore the reader from the beginning.

• To make the readers know what you are going to write on. They should be made aware of the subject matter. Stating what your intentions are, rather than announcing what you will do on the essay is always a better method. Do not apologize for not being an expert on the matter.

• Whatever you say in your introduction has to lead to the thesis statement. The first sentence should be a general statement and the last sentence should be the topic your essay addresses.

• It should begin with an item directly related to the subject.

• The reader has to be familiarized with the subject and context of the essay.

You should also pay attention to the length of the introduction. For example, if your essay is a long essay writing one paragraph for your introduction is not recommended. On the other hand, if your coursework instruction tells you to write a three page health essay on patient record privacy Act then you can not have a one page introduction. Therefore the introduction should be balanced with the rest of your essay. The main consideration is to use the introduction to its optimum effect in piquing the reader’s interest.

Few tips for some good essay openings include quoting some startling facts and figures or some eloquent quote from a well known personality. Otherwise you may also refer to a well known event. What is suitable will depend on the type of essay you are writing. For instance, if you are writing a personal essay, you may cite an unusual event of your life. If you need some ideas and inspiration in writing this essay, visit Courseworkwriting.com.uk site and read few of the sample essays posted by their expert writers. The company offers essay writing assistance, coursework writing assistance, dissertation help and proofreading services for students who wish to improve their writing skills.