A Few Tips to Utilize When Writing a Proposal Essay

Objective of a proposal essay is to get the approval to proceed with a research study

A proposal essay is a document or paper written as a presentation by graduate students, or PhD students, who will be carrying out research or a dissertation in a specific subject area. The main aim in writing a proposal is for the writer to convince the reader that the research he is undertaking is valid and useful. To prove its validity the writer will give a detailed plan of action as well as the proposed outcome. As this is a major component of the study program and much more complex that the general coursework, you need to plan out your research study extensively. Writing a research proposal or a proposal essay is the first step of the project.

 Selecting a Study Topic
In order for you to write a good essay which has a high chance of being approved by the research committee and getting the green light to proceed, you need to choose a good subject area for your study. The study area should not be too broad or overly constrictive. Make sure that you can prove in your proposal itself that there is a gap in knowledge in the chosen area of study which you intend to bridge with the findings from your own study.

 Example of Study Topic
For instance, there may be already dissertation studies proving the link between cultural differences and workforce commitment to organization. Some cultures are highly individualistic and hence the people tend to care more about themselves than about the group or the organization. This can be vice versa for cultures which are collectivistic and hence concerned more of organization such as in Japan. But there may be still inconclusive knowledge of how cross cultural environment such as an International Joint Venture will influence the commitment levels of employees from different cultural backgrounds. You may hypothesis that with interactions from different cultures those with high commitment to organization may learn to reduce it a bit while those with little commitment to organization may learn to increase it.

 Structure and Format
A research proposal is also formatted as per dissertation format. It will have distinct sections covering the introduction, literature review, methodology and conclusion. Introduction of this research proposal will differ from a normal essay introduction. Your proposal introduction should indicate the background of the study and what is the research problem you are addressing. This section should also outline the research objectives and the intended outcomes of the study.

 Literature Review
This is a very brief review of existing literature on the subject matter which is included in the proposal to indicate that your research problem is indeed a problem and other scholars have reiterated this fact and have explored on the same topic area. The review may indicate the knowledge gap your study will intend to fill.

 Methodology of Study
This is another part of the proposal and will discuss your tentative plans on the research methods and design as well as sources you are planning to make use of in order to conduct the research. Refer to the post on dissertation methodology for more information on how to write this section.

Your research proposal essay should be approximately 12-16 pages in length. The document should be properly formatted as per required writing style such as MLA, APA or Harvard systems and referenced with in-text citations as well as an accompanying page of bibliography.

 Getting Assistance
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