Selecting Suitable Essay Topics

There are Various Factors to Consider in Selecting Suitable Essay Topics

Essay writing sharpens our writing skills as well as a host of other skills such as creativity, analytical power, researching skills etc. Essays can be written many ways, such as descriptive essays, where the writer will describe something, compare contrast essays where he will take a subject and compare it with another and even a narrative essay, where the essay will be written as a story. All essays should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. However, essays are judged not only by the content but also by the essay topic. Selecting the correct topic for your essay is a challenging task unless you are provided with a list of essay prompts. There are many things to consider when coming up with a topic for your essay.

 Type of Essay
Depending on the type of essay you are required to write, you will need to decide upon the topic. Some will suit a personal essay or a narrative essay while another topic is suited for a health essay. A scientific topic or a new innovation is most suited if you are to write a design essay. Therefore, you need to consider this aspect when you are selecting the correct topic.

 Interest Factor
When thinking of a topic for your essay you have to make it interesting for the reader. Take the newspaper for example. If the topic looks interesting you will find many people reading that particular article. The same will be for your essay. Your topic has to catch the reader’s eye. He should feel compelled to read your essay by just reading your topic. Make sure you come up with an interesting essay title as well in order to convey this aspect of your essay to the reader.

It should be interesting for you as well. It is an understood fact that if something is interesting to us we will pay a lot more attention to it than if it was not. If the topic you select is interesting to you it will motivate you to write better. Isn’t it true that if you love what you are doing you will do it better?

 Information Availability
You need sufficient evidence and information to write your essay. If it is a short essay, this will not be much of a problem but as you progress in academic path, you are usually required to submit lengthy extended essays such as MBA essays. This means you will need to assess the information availability and accessibility when you select your topic. Some topics may sound great but you may not have sufficient information and evidence form valid sources to back what you write.

 Scope of the Topic
Most of the time, the topic that you brainstorm initially are too broad for your essay. In such cases you need to break it down and select a manageable sub topic within the main topic which took your interest. This is important because if there is a lot of information on the topic you might not be able to establish your thesis within your word limit.

Having considered the above points, you can let your ideas flow and think out of the box in getting suitable essay topics that can help you in writing truly creative essays. If you are having trouble coming up with a suitable essay topic or if you need essay help, then contact Coursework-writing for further information.