Good College Application Essay Topics – A Reflection on You

Choosing the College Application Essay Topic should be done with Thorough Consideration

Students who wish to apply for colleges do so before their high school career is over. During the latter part of high school most students visit colleges of their choice and make the challenging decision of which college they should be attending. Regardless of which college they apply to the decision of who should enter the college is in the hands of the Admission Board of the respective colleges. They will assess the students’ grades and transcripts and will come to a decision. Many colleges require students to write the college application essays. These essays are an important element in the process of selection. Therefore, the students’ high school essay writing plays a big role. Let us find out some college application essay topics which will make it easier for you to write your application essay.

What is a College Application Essay?
As there are many students who will apply to one particular college, the Admission Board requires students to submit the college application essay or the college entrance essay. This essay introduces the student to the Admission Board. The transcripts and grades only inform the Board about the student’s academic capabilities. The application essays will give the Board and insight into what type of person the student is and if he is suitable to the academic organization. Remember that the board is interested in enriching their student body with diverse individuals with different personalities, skills and talents as well as different outlooks of life. Therefore, you do not need to try become what they want but instead be what you are but portray this clearly and impressively

Good Application Essay Topics
As learned in high school coursework writing, one of the most important aspects of a good essay is the topic. Therefore, let us find out what some good college application essay topics are.
• How have you changed in last few years and is it an improvement on you?
• Why do you want to study at this particular college and how can you contribute to it?
• Describe a significant moment in your life and how it changed you.
• Why are you interested in pursuing this subject? Give reasons.
• What do your friends think of you?
• What are your plans for the next ten years and what do you see yourself doing?
• If you had one chance to change the world, what would you change?

Students will be able to find many more through online sample college essays and topics to get an insight. Reviewing some common application essay sites can also give you ideas of topics likely to come for your essay. Practising on these topics can perfect your writing. It goes without saying that with a lot of practise you will be able to write an excellent application essay.

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